Check out my new mosaics – here is a few together – see Gallery page for more. They’re in a group show in January – details to follow.


My First Stained Glass


It’s our first parents, Adam and Eve, so any hint of lewdness is prelapsarianly banished.

Knock It Down



I also showed this sculpture at the ‘Out Fall’ exhibition at Grosvenor Chapel. It is a temptingly high pile of large children’s blocks. It reads ‘Feel Free To Knock Down.’ Someone did. I literally asked for it.

Into Thin Air


I showed this sculpture at Grosvenor Chapel, part of the Mayfair Art Weekend. It is the leap of faith, or maybe a comment on the danger of a political version of the leap of faith. I’m hoping it will soon appear in another church.



He dances when you tread on the boards. Come and see – open until Sunday. Candid Arts, Torrens Street, right by Angel tube.