New Mosaic


We need to celebrate our First Parents more, even make a new cult of them – and we should not shy away from the sexiness, but be a bit D.H.Lawrence about it – only to our fallen minds is there any shame!

Crown of Thorns

This is a sketch for a piece of public art, in which 40 people bring 10-foot crosses  to a London park and we make a Crown of Thorns. Good friday next year maybe. Volunteers please!

TLS review

Thanks to Andrew Davison for a generous review of my book (May 28 edition). He conveys its argument, and takes it seriously – just what a reviewee hopes for.

“Hobson’s project is a considerable achievement…[He] represents a strand of thought currently on the back foot: the black sheep or the prodigal son. Christians would do well to listen to him.”


My new book is out!

My new book is out!

Says Emeritus Prof. David Martin: ‘Theo Hobson presents a lively, timely, theologically-informed and historically-grounded argument for the compatibility of sacramental Christianity and the traditions of the liberal state.’ Professor Martyn Percy: ‘A remarkable, wise, and incisive book’. Professor Linda Woodhead: ‘For Christians who appreciate living in a liberal state and despair at “postliberal” theology’s easy dismissal of it, this book is a delight.’