Debate on Premier Radio

I recently debated my book with leading humanist Andrew Copson. Thanks to Premier Radio for enabling such an in-depth discussion – and to Andrew. I must mug up on the influence of Chinese thought on the Enlightenment, apparently.


Hear me at Theos think tank

The Christian roots of liberal values: Nick Spencer and Theo Hobson in conversation

Go to Theos website for a podcast of this

With liberal values on the back foot, it’s time to look at the roots of the world view we have taken for granted. Nick Spencer and Theo Hobson have both recently written books about Christianity’s influence on Western values, and the secular ideals of human rights and social justice. In different ways, they both call for a fresh understanding of the relationship of Christianity and secular humanism. At this event they discuss each other’s books and take questions from the audience – and continue the discussion over refreshments.

A sort of solution to the Anglican split

The Church of England doesn’t know what to think about homosexuality. Why doesn’t it make agnosticism its official position, I suggested here. Or is it homophobic until it officially affirms homosexuality as of equal worth to heterosexuality? It should try to back away from the whole topic of sexuality.

In the Evening Standard

This article, linking Trump to my book, sums up a lot of what I’ve been wanting to say. And it includes the alternative title for my book, ‘the faith of the West’. But I suppose ‘God Created Humanism’ is more descriptive of the argument.