I have written seven books!

God Created Humanism: the Christian Basis of Secular Values – 2017

This book sums up most of my theology – especially its theopolitcal aspect, ie, how religion relates to politics. It argues that secular humanism is a good thing, and a Christian-rooted thing – the two must necessarily be in dialogue. The final chapter sums up my approach to faith, that it is an internal argument – we are meant to ‘half-believe’ – for belief is a miracle of the Holy Spirit.

Reinventing Liberal Christianity – 2013 

This book argues that there is a good sort of liberal theology, and a bad sort. The good sort’s better. It grasps that Christianity is a cultic tradition – ie. rooted in ritual. (The bad sort is too fond of rational humanism, too neglectful of ritual.) Prof. David Martin: ‘Theo Hobson presents a lively, timely, theologically-informed and historically-grounded argument for the compatibility of sacramental Christianity and the traditions of the liberal state.’ Professor Martyn Percy: ‘A remarkable, wise, and incisive book’. Professor Linda Woodhead: ‘For Christians who appreciate living in a liberal state and despair at “postliberal” theology’s easy dismissal of it, this book is a delight.’

Faith – 2009 (Amazon link)

Milton’s Vision: The Birth of Christian Liberty – 2008 (Amazon link)

Anarchy, Church and Utopia: Rowan Williams on Church – 2005

Against Establishment: An Anglican Polemic – 2003

The Rhetorical Word: Protestant Theology and the Rhetoric of Authority – 2002