About Theo


Hello! I’m a Christian theologian (of the Anglican persuasion).

I suppose my main impulse has been to communicate Christianity to the liberal agnostics around me. Partly that has meant explaining the positive relationship between Christian and secular humanism. Also it has led to a focus on the power of ritual, and its overlap with art. As well as writing about this I have tried making art that has some sort of ritual basis or dimension. So I have gradually moved towards thinking of myself as a Christian writer and artist.


Mobile 07713919022

Email theohobson@googlemail.com


One thought on “About Theo

  1. I was interested in what you talked about on Radio 4 Sunday just now & felt cheated by Edward Stourton of the chance for you to make your points & me to hear them. (The BBC hires so many British Humanists, one would think their jobs are advertised on the Humanist notice board first. Perhaps the BBC & British Humanists are particular friends?)
    The denigration & sidelining of Christianity saddens me & I hope we all have many chances to hear from you about aspects of how this is being done, so that we can understand & embrace who to credit for the best of how we live together.
    Sunday 15 January 2017

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