Angry Jesus

Here’s a hanging I made a few months ago for my local church. I think we need to play up the little bit of aggression Jesus shows, to balance the love and peace stuff. That’s also why his exorcisms attract me – they are very physical.IMG_1854

My political art


This is me wearing my Brexit warning sign sandwich board. I’m only a moderate Remainer, but I thought it would be fun to take this sign along to their protest. They were glad to see me. The guy pointing at it was on the evening news, confronting Theresa Villiers MP. I left the sign with him.


Advent Exorcism

I have an art work currently showing at St Mary Aldemary in the City, home of the alternative church Moot. Here it is prior to installation.


And here it is installed:


A challenge to Matthew Parris

Thanks to Matthew Parris for engaging with my book in his Spectator column this week. He calls it ‘challenging’, which I hope does not just mean that it is sometimes difficult to understand. My main hope for the book is that atheist humanists find it challenging in another sense.