Take that, Saudi crown prince!


I was outside Downing Street today, warning about Saudi Arabia’s human rights record. I was hoping there’d be some other protesters, to make it obvious what I signified.


Ropey resurrection

I suppose this isn’t the most orthodox and pious account of the Resurrection. But all publicity is good publicity.

Innocent lust

This is my attempt to bring Edenic sex to life. I would like to start a large public ritual-art event in which this scene is enacted – maybe on May Day. It will be a unique mix of public obscenity and religious conservatism.

Angry Jesus

Here’s a hanging I made a few months ago for my local church. I think we need to play up the little bit of aggression Jesus shows, to balance the love and peace stuff. That’s also why his exorcisms attract me – they are very physical.IMG_1854